Dental Pain

Dental pain generally includes pain in the teeth and/or gums, and may result from infection, inflammation, or nerve damage.  Acupuncture is not a suitable treatment for dental correction; however, it can provide temporary pain relief associated with dental problems.  The following are some examples of treatments provided for various types of dental pain:

  • Nerve root pain - pain in the nerve root of a tooth.  Acupuncture is applied to reduce inflammation around the nerve root and moderate the nervous system in order to reduce pain.  Acupressure or reflexology may be applied to release the muscles of the face and jaw to ease sympathetic tension and pain.  Electrical stimulation may also be applied to normalize nerve conduction.
  • Gum pain - pain in the gums, often related to dental procedures or injury.  Acupuncture is applied to reduce inflammation of the gums and boost the immune response in order to speed healing.  Reflexology may also be applied to reduce pain and speed healing. 
  • Dental analgesia - treatment for pain associated with dental procedures.  Acupuncture is applied up to several hours prior to a dental procedure in order to reduce the perception of pain during the dental procedure.  Acupuncture and reflexology can also be applied after a dental procedure in order to reduce inflammation and pain.  When treatment is given after a dental procedure, it is most effective the next day after the anesthesia has worn off.