Acupuncture is the stimulation of the body's healing response through the insertion of specially designed needles into acu-points located close to the surface of the skin.  These acu-points have powerful effects on the body by regulating circulation, hormone balance, immune response, muscular tension, perception of pain, and stress levels.  An acupuncture treatment consists of the insertion of extremely thin acupuncture needles into several locations throughout the body, which are retained for a short time and then removed.   

Acupressure and Tuina

Acupressure and tuina are methods of stimulating the acu-points of the body through the use of Asian bodywork and massage.  Acu-points are activated by applying varying amounts of pressure, stimulating the healing response in the same manner as acupuncture.  In addition, acupressure can be helpful in mobilizing joints, loosening knotted muscles, and relaxing tight tendons.  An acupressure treatment consists of a muscle-relaxing massage combined with varying degrees of pressure at specific points along the body. 


Guasha therapy is a method for bringing greater circulation to an area by gently scraping and massaging the skin with a specially designed smooth-edged tool, usually in tandem with an herbal massage oil.  Guasha helps to loosen connective tissue beneath the skin and improve circulation of blood to the surrounding skin and muscle.  This can produce a variety of useful effects by releasing muscular tightness, relaxing tight sinews and tendons, flushing out toxic build-up, and improving skin tone and elasticity.  A guasha treatment consists of targeted muscle scraping in and around problem areas, as well as the gentle scraping of several specific acu-points to improve the effect.  Guasha often results in a painless reddening of the skin in the area treated which can last between a few hours and a few days.  In general, the more pronounced the coloration, the more effective the treatment. 


Cupping therapy is a method which, similarly to guasha, also helps bring greater circulation to an area.  However, cupping therapy achieves this through the application of a suction pressure on the skin with the use of specially designed "cups".  These cups can be placed over specific acu-points or over large muscle areas, drawing greater circulation to the skin and muscle to improve its function.  A cupping treatment consists of the placement of several cups on various areas of the skin, which are held in place by a suction pressure.  Some cups may be left stationary, while some may be gently slid over the skin with the use of a little massage oil.  As with guasha, cupping often results in a painless reddening of the skin in the area treated which can last between a few hours and a few days. Generally, the more pronounced the coloration, the more effective the treatment.

Infrared light, Heat, and moxibustion

Infrared therapy is the application of infrared light and heat to specific areas of the body to improve circulation and stimulate a healing response.  Infrared light is invisible to the eye but is able to penetrate the skin and warm the body tissues.  This in turn helps to relieve muscle tension and promote improved blood flow which is important in the healing process.  It can be used to warm large areas of muscles and tendons, as well as targeted to specific acu-points in order to achieve its effect.  Infrared light and heat treatments can be applied in several ways, including the positioning of an infrared lamp over a large area of the body, or the placement of heated basalt stones onto specific muscle groups or acu-points.  In addition, a traditional form of infrared heat therapy is moxibustion, where a small amount of a medicinal Chinese herb is safely burned near an acu-point.  As the herb burns it releases heat and infrared light in order to precisely and safely stimulate an acu-point. 


Reflexology is the treatment of internal organs and structures through manual therapy applied to reflex areas found on the hands and feet.   Activating these reflex areas with precisely applied pressure helps to balance the nervous system in order to reduce pain and improve function.  Treatment consists of gentle to moderate massage at precise points and areas of the feet or the hands, and is generally quite comfortable and relaxing. 

Reiki, Crystal, and Vibrational Therapy

Reiki therapy is an energy medicine which works with the subtle energy field that penetrates all living things.  Reiki treatment is generally applied by hands-on placement at specific areas of the body in order to help balance the natural energy flow through the various chakras, or energy centers, of the body.  It helps to open blockages in chakras which are stagnant, bring greater energy to areas that are in the process of healing, and help smooth the natural flow of energy in the body.  A reiki treatment consists of the gentle hand placement on and around certain areas and chakras of the body, allowing subtle healing warmth and energy to flow in order to harmonize the body/mind/spirit.

Crystal therapy is often used in tandem with reiki to provide a stronger treatment.  Various minerals and crystals, when placed on or around the body, have certain therapeutic effects on our natural energy field.  By choosing crystals specific to the condition treated, these can heighten the flow of reiki energy and improve the body's ability to respond.  A crystal therapy treatment consists of the placement of crystals on specific areas of the body and allowed to harmonize with the body for a short time. 

Vibrational therapy is a method which applies specific sound vibrations to the body in order to simultaneously stimulate the subtle energy field and the physical body.  Sound vibrations are able to easily penetrate through the body and resonate with the tissues of muscles, tendons, glands, organs, and bones.  Different vibrational tones penetrate differently, with higher tones resonating with more superficial tissues and lower tones penetrating more deeply.  These vibrations are able to stimulate acu-points and harmonize the subtle energy field of the body at the deepest levels.  A vibrational treatment consists of the placement of specialized tone-producing tools near or on specific body areas, muscle groups, joints, chakras, and acu-points.  The sound vibration is allowed to resonate through the area, and then is moved on to the next point in the treatment.